Kate Kei



My name is Kate Kei.

My life experience taught me that real balance is almost always Harmony coach, communication expertunachievable (did you ever manage to allocate the exactly same amount of time per day or per week to each of your activities?.. That’s my point!;-)). But HARMONY is what makes your life fulfilling, exciting and healthy.

So, my desire is to help people achieve harmony in every aspect of their life, in every relationship they have, whether it is with other people, with their own self or with their house.

You might be wondering why I have put Communication next to Harmony in Life. That is because I believe that communication is a crucial component here. Human relationships are by far the biggest part of our life, and that’s communication right here 😉  So, it is with a lot of passion and pleasure that I study and teach communication.

My scoop…

I started teaching people how to achieve harmony and coaching ever since I went to college. I did not have a company back then, I was doing it graciously just because people needed my help and were asking me for it. Strange as it may seem, with my Masters degree in business, it didn’t even occur to me that this particular passion could be turned into a real business.

So, I was doing all kinds of jobs for living, from sales person to translator, until somewhere in 2015, after I have become an entrepreneur and a published author, I heard Lisa Nichols talk about the importance of stepping into my own brilliance and following my calling.

And the new adventure begun…


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