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Shift your mind

Sometimes people with negative attitude or with negative mood cross our path and stay there long enough for us to get used to them. And soon we start feeling negative too and talking negatively. Often it’s even hard to tell when exactly it started.

I have had a chance to experience it in real life. A close friend of mine was cheated and left by her boyfriend. She was still in love with him and was completely devastated. She turned from a funny and cheerful girl into a walking embodiment of sorrow and pain. She wanted nothing but to sit there staring at one place lost in her self-pity. We were trying to cheer her up by all possible and imaginable means. I was spending most of my time with her to make sure her depression wouldn’t make her do something really stupid.

So, after having spent two months with her, I suddenly noticed that my own perception of the world was turning grey. I started feeling this negative mood and attitude creeping over me too.

Negativity is contagious. Negativity is dangerous and can be very difficult to get rid of. Once you start getting dragged down by the negative attitude, negative things start happening around and a lot of negative people start appearing in your life.

At that time I didn’t know what to do. I had to help my friend and somehow to stay out of all this negative void. And I clung to positive language, to affirmations that said that there were a lot of great and beautiful things in life and that whatever happened was for the best. At first it sounded somewhat false, but I kept repeating it and after some time life started to get better. My positive and optimistic attitude was back. Life was getting back to normal.

And soon it worked for my friend too. Now she is perfectly happy and she is married to a wonderful man.

Just a little story to illustrate the idea 😉



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