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Basic components of communication

In order to be able to communicate better, you absolutely need to understand how communication works and what its essential components are.

There are 8 major components that are playing at the same time when we communicate. All of them are very important because they determine the outcome of any particular communication process: agreement or disagreement, conflict or understanding, cooperation or misunderstanding: Continue reading Basic components of communication

How to harmonize your bedroom

Your bedroom is a vitally important area of your house or apartment. Just think about it – in average we spend there one third of the day if we only count the time we sleep.Harmonize your bedroom

In addition, when we sleep we are most vulnerable: we have no means to defend ourselves from all the negative interference and / or energies that can circulate there. Continue reading How to harmonize your bedroom

My favorite inspirational quotes

Inspiration is a very precious gift. Here are my favorite inspirational quotes from a talented, passionate, inspiring and simply brilliant Lisa Nichols. Enjoy 😉

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Communication vs. effective communication

We communicate from the moment we are born. what is effective communication?The baby’s cry tells its mom that it is hungry or in pain. But as we grow, life becomes more and more complex and rich, and our communication becomes more and more complex too. We learn to speak, to communicate with our face and body, to read, to write, to listen to others. Each of these processes is a science on its own, a complex knowledge with rules and processes.

Everyone knows how to communicate. But not everyone can do it effectively. What do I mean by communicate effectively?

To sum it up, effective communication is a process that gets a point across. Continue reading Communication vs. effective communication

How to Deal with Anxiety

Most of the people experience anxiety every single day. For some of us it is when we must do something important that involves some kind of responsibility. Sometimes we can feel anxious in the presence of a particular person who has or may have a certain influence on an area in our life.

ho to deal with anxiety Continue reading How to Deal with Anxiety

The Psychological Effects of Colors

Colors affect us all the time and everywhere. They are part of non-verbal communication and thus can influence the outcome of a meeting or an interview.

In addition, they make us feel a certain way, which is why the presence or absence of any given color in your environment can be responsible for some emotions that you feel there and can inspire you a particular behavior.psychological meaning of colors

The meaning associated with colors varies from one culture to another. However, a few simple rules can summarize the general psychological effect colors have on us. When you are familiar with them, you can use colors to emphasize the message you are communicating as well as to easily achieve harmony in your office or apartment just by tweaking the color scheme.

So, here are the key characteristics of the main colors: Continue reading The Psychological Effects of Colors

Sometimes it’s better to be alone – More thoughts on loneliness

There is a big category of people in the world who form what is called a crowd. They are “normal” people, average people. Average is their way of thinking and average is their way of life. Continue reading Sometimes it’s better to be alone – More thoughts on loneliness

How to achieve inner harmony

“As within, so without; as above, so below”

This one sentence of great wisdom was written on the emerald tablet found in the tomb of Hermes Trismegistus in the VI century.

The meaning of this one sentence is very simple: what is within us is around us, or as the poet James Allen put it:

“Environment is our looking glass.”

Continue reading How to achieve inner harmony

Is Loneliness Your Friend or Enemy?

value of loneliness

When you are alone, it’s a perfect moment to listen to your own self, to deal with emotions by letting them out and listening to them.

When you are alone you can quietly check that you are in alignment with your own values, have a critical look at your priorities, see whether it’s time to modify their order, or just make sure you align your actions with it.

It is also a perfect moment to connect with your heart’s desires and aspirations, as well as to get your vision perfectly clear.

Some people are afraid of loneliness. Sometimes the reason for it is that they don’t want to have to face their fears and emotions, that they are afraid to face their own self. Because when they are alone, there is no one and nothing to distract them from it.

However, often things that we are trying to avoid tend to creep into our life again and again. And the same is true for loneliness.

So, don’t run from it. Instead, embrace it, own it, face it! This is how you will turn this loneliness from your enemy into your ally!

Remember, everything that happens in your life happens for a reason. There is a reason for loneliness too. So, instead of trying to ignore it or chase it away, face it. Think of why it is here. Think of why this time is given to you. May be you are at a point of life when you need to change something. May be you’ve lost your connection to your inner self and things got out of your control. So, use this time of loneliness to give some extra love to yourself, to see what part of you has been neglected and needs your attention right now. And if you do this, your loneliness may disappear by itself. You might not even notice as it will be gone, and the relationships that will come after will be so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

So, allow yourself to soar like an eagle 😉




Harmony is…

Harmony is the blending of simultaneous sounds of different pitch or quality that sound good together.harmony is love

Harmony is agreement. It is a state when all the components are present and not conflicting with each other. Harmony is a perfect link between different and sometimes even opposite elements.

It gives a sense of rightness and comfort.

A person who feels inner harmony is in peace with him/herself and with the world around them. Such a person is filled with love and wisdom. These people are happy and others feel attracted to them.

A harmonious person always clearly knows what he/she desires and what are the opinions and expectations of others, and is going after his/her dreams.

Harmony is life.

Harmony is coexistence.

Harmony is acceptance of others with their differences and similarities.

Harmony is not necessarily balance: sometimes a small presence of one element among all the others can be enough to create it.

 Harmony is pure love, for love is a concerto. – Lope de Vega

Harmony is consensus and respect.Harmonizing Life

Harmony is strength.

Harmony is the foundation for a good and long-lasting relationship.

Harmony is love.

Harmony is success.

Harmony is alignment.

Harmony is a dynamic relationship.

Harmony is a choice.


Choose to live in harmony 😉