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The Power of Inspiration

One day I was invited to a 90th birthday party of a lady. I was meeting this lady for the first time that day.

The lady was greeting all her guests at the door.

She didn’t look like a 90-year-old; if I didn’t know her age, I would have given her 75-76. Only a certain slowness and stiffness of her movements were betraying her real age from time to time.

As the party went on, I learned that this lady was a professional opera singer and vocal teacher, that singing was her passion and that she had only retired from teaching two years ago. A lot of her former students came to wish her a happy birthday.

And then suddenly one of the guests asked this lady who was celebrating her 90th birthday to sing something.

To my amazement, she simply put down her glass, stood up and walked to the piano that was standing in the corner of the room.

A friend of hers, another old lady, joined her there to play for her as she used to do when they both were young.

The lady pianist’s hands touched the keys in a confident and precise gesture, and when the first sounds filled the room, something magical happened.

The lady singer straightened her back and smiled at her audience. Then she started singing.

Mesmerized, we watched the old lady turn into a vibrant and charismatic young woman.

Her voice was strong, beautiful and young. She was singing with a remarkable ease, perfectly hitting every note, and the emotions that her voice was conveying touched every heart, bringing tears to our eyes.

Her eyes were sparkling, her smile was charming and contagious. No more slowness or stiffness – her movements were free, smooth and graceful.

She was a singer, an actress, an artist. She was part of that music, of that song and of that story that she was telling us. And nothing could hold her back in her inspiration, nothing could hold her back in her brilliance, not even the time. Stunningly beautiful, vibrant and young, she made everyone hold their breath, drinking in the beauty of the sound of her voice. She captivated us with her song, making us long for more. She filled our hearts with joy and happiness, talking to them and lighting them from her own spark.

That evening the birthday lady generously awarded her guests the most precious gift – the gift of inspiration. We were all leaving transformed. Everyone knew that with this gift, with this lesson, life was never going to be the same again. We have touched something vibrant and pure, something that even time had no power upon.

Inspiration makes your eyes sparkle!

Inspiration is a great force. Inspiration is life. It makes your eyes sparkle and your heart beat faster. It makes you stay young and create the most wonderful things.

So look for inspiration, stay inspired and inspire others. For if a spark of your inspiration lights up somebody else, you will create a magical fire of joy and happiness.


P.S. Here is one of the multiple resources for inspiration: http://www.zazzle.fr/4inspiration


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Another juicy quote to ponder ;-)

Shift your mind

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My favorite quote for the upcoming 2016

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…And More Inspiration!

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Inspiration and Motivation – More

The next precious tips from Lisa Nichols that I wanted to share are as follows:

Failure and success

It perfectly completes the previous quotes: we are afraid of change and of unknown, because they can bring failure. But if we can not allow ourselves to fail, we just can not dare to push our limit line and do something that we have never done before and that can bring us success.

And if it’s still too hard, tell yourself that…

Wisdom about life lessons

Live fully, enjoy life and dare! Dare to take the next step, to fail, to get up and to succeed again and again! 😉

You are welcome to share it – as Lisa says, it can become someone’s breakthrough! 😉



Inspiration and Motivation-2

Here is another juicy takeaway from the IAMOR Challenge:

Average thinkers vs abundant thinkers

So true! It’s so much harder and so much more challenging to expand the comfort zone, to move this limit line!

Humans don’t like the change. And that’s natural: from the point of view of survival, of our instincts, any change is dangerous and uncomfortable because it represents the unknown. And we don’t know how to behave in the unknown! And that’s scary. So, instinctively, we are much better in a familiar routine, even if sometimes it is boring.

Everyone can remember stepping out of their comfort zone. It is stressing and scary. Sometimes it can end up being an embarrassing experience, while some other times it can bring us unexpected and often incredible success.

Which brings us to the next cool point perfectly phrased by Lisa:

Winner wisdom

That’s perfectly logical, yet we often tend to overlook it for the reason that I mentioned above: we are afraid of change.

However, you can not expect your life to change if you keep doing exactly the same routine day after day. If you are leaving in your quiet valley doing the same bus-work-shop-home circuit and you never venture to the mountains, you will never be able to enjoy the breathtaking view from the very top!

Dare, step out of your comfort zone, do something that you have never done before, and get to the places where you have never been before! 😉


Feel free to share it – as Lisa says, it can become someone’s breakthrough! 🙂



Inspiration and motivation

I have just participated in a wonderful, life changing challenge called ‘I Am My Own Rescue’ or IAMOR.
Lisa Nichols, The Motivator, organized it on Periscope as a prequel to her upcoming book called Abundance Now.

In the upcoming series of posts I want to talk about some of my precious takeaways from this Challenge. I just feel that I need to do it.

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How to deal with nervous habits that show a Lack of Confidence – Part 4

In this post we will talk about some other nervous habits that mean to others that we lack self-confidence.

8. Grinding and/or clenching your teethHow to stop grinding and clenching your teeth

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How to deal with nervous habits that show a Lack of Confidence – Part 3

In the previous post we have talked about slouching, biting your fingernails and avoiding eye contact.

Now, we will talk about some other nervous habits.

4. Giggling

Giggling can be embarrassing in some situations and nervous laughter betrays anxiety. In order to stop it, you have to face your anxiety.


Dealing with nervous giggling

How can you do that?

You can deliberately focus on something serious that does not make you laugh. You can also try and retain that giggling even if it requires pinching yourself or digging your fingernails into your palm.

A more detailed approach requires some thinking. Find out what exactly sets off your giggling. Carefully identify this people, places, situations. Continue reading How to deal with nervous habits that show a Lack of Confidence – Part 3

How to deal with nervous habits that show a Lack of Confidence – Part 2

Here is the list of some common nervous habits that can be interpreted as the lack of confidence and some advice on dealing with them.

1. Slouching

Slouching makes us look not only unsure of ourselves, but also much less attractive. When you slouch, your belly is protruding forward and seems bigger and pending, your chest looks hollow and your neck is forced to stretch forward. Even the best suit or dress starts looking as if hanging on a clothes hanger and fits weirdly. In addition, it is bad for your health : organs get misplaced and some bones and articulations are forced to bear more weight than needed.

How to learn not to slouch

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