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My favorite inspirational quotes

Inspiration is a very precious gift. Here are my favorite inspirational quotes from a talented, passionate, inspiring and simply brilliant Lisa Nichols. Enjoy 😉



How to Deal with Anxiety

ho to deal with anxiety

Most of the people experience anxiety every single day. For some of us it is when we must do something important that involves some kind of responsibility. Sometimes we can feel anxious in the presence of a particular person who has or may have a certain influence on an area in our life.


Sometimes it’s better to be alone – More thoughts on loneliness

It takes courage to stand alone

There is a big category of people in the world who form what is called a crowd. They are “normal” people, average people. Average is their way of thinking and average is their way of life.


Is Loneliness Your Friend or Enemy?

value of loneliness

When you are alone, it’s a perfect moment to listen to your own self, to deal with emotions by letting them out and listening to them.

When you are alone you can quietly check that you are in alignment with your own values, have a critical look at your priorities, see whether it’s time […]

The Power of Inspiration

Inspiration makes your eyes sparkle!

One day I was invited to a 90th birthday party of a lady. I was meeting this lady for the first time that day.

The lady was greeting all her guests at the door.

She didn’t look like a 90-year-old; if I didn’t know her age, I would have given her 75-76. Only a certain […]

My favorite quote for the upcoming 2016

Real Abundance


…And More Inspiration!

Abundance and Imperfection

And the next nugget of wisdom that I would like to share is…


How to deal with nervous habits that show a Lack of Confidence – Part 4

how to stop chewing pens

In this post we will talk about some other nervous habits that mean to others that we lack self-confidence.

8. Grinding and/or clenching your teeth

Clenching and grinding your teeth in stressful situations is called bruxism. It often happens in our sleep when we pass from a deeper level of sleep to a lighter one. […]