Kate Kei

Communication vs. effective communication

We communicate from the moment we are born. what is effective communication?The baby’s cry tells its mom that it is hungry or in pain. But as we grow, life becomes more and more complex and rich, and our communication becomes more and more complex too. We learn to speak, to communicate with our face and body, to read, to write, to listen to others. Each of these processes is a science on its own, a complex knowledge with rules and processes.

Everyone knows how to communicate. But not everyone can do it effectively. What do I mean by communicate effectively?

To sum it up, effective communication is a process that gets a point across.

Sounds simple, right? Unfortunately, it’s not.

I’m sure everyone has been in a situation when

  • you say something, but the person in front of you gets it completely wrong, or
  • you know you are the best for the job, but for some reason you just fail to show it to your recruiter, or
  • you say something you wish you didn’t and ruin your relationship with someone, or
  • you simply cannot connect with someone – no matter how hard you try, they don’t understand you and it’s one conflict after another, etc.

That’s what effective communication is all about.What communication skills include

It includes multiple processes like phrasing your message correctly, getting your message heard and interpreted the way you need it, listening and paying attention to your interlocutor, understanding your own emotions and the emotions of your interlocutor, correctly understanding your interlocutor’s message, thinking critically and making a good decision.

The good news is that all these skills can be learned. And everyone needs to master them because effective communication is what allows you to better connect with others and maintain great relationships, to do a great teamwork, to avoid conflicts, to solve problems and to be more successful.

Communication is everything, it’s undeniable. No wonder that communication skills are systematically number one in the top ten skills employers seek. Here is how they define it, according to the Survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers published by the Wall Street Journal :

  • the ability to speak effectively
  • the ability to think critically
  • great listening skills
  • the ability to get along and work with others
  • the awareness and sensitivity to cultural differences
  • good decision making skills

Of course, communication cannot solve all the problems. But it is a powerful tool that can help us get along better with people around us. And we need to learn to communicate effectively, because it’s not the act of communication that causes problems, but the communicators themselves.



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