Kate Kei

Harmony is…

Harmony is the blending of simultaneous sounds of different pitch or quality that sound good together.harmony is love

Harmony is agreement. It is a state when all the components are present and not conflicting with each other. Harmony is a perfect link between different and sometimes even opposite elements.

It gives a sense of rightness and comfort.

A person who feels inner harmony is in peace with him/herself and with the world around them. Such a person is filled with love and wisdom. These people are happy and others feel attracted to them.

A harmonious person always clearly knows what he/she desires and what are the opinions and expectations of others, and is going after his/her dreams.

Harmony is life.

Harmony is coexistence.

Harmony is acceptance of others with their differences and similarities.

Harmony is not necessarily balance: sometimes a small presence of one element among all the others can be enough to create it.

 Harmony is pure love, for love is a concerto. – Lope de Vega

Harmony is consensus and respect.Harmonizing Life

Harmony is strength.

Harmony is the foundation for a good and long-lasting relationship.

Harmony is love.

Harmony is success.

Harmony is alignment.

Harmony is a dynamic relationship.

Harmony is a choice.


Choose to live in harmony 😉


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