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How to Deal with Anxiety

Most of the people experience anxiety every single day. For some of us it is when we must do something important that involves some kind of responsibility. Sometimes we can feel anxious in the presence of a particular person who has or may have a certain influence on an area in our life.

ho to deal with anxiety

Is anxiety good?

In my opinion, definitely NO.

First of all, it makes you feel bad and uncomfortable. And then, it tends to awaken all sorts of nervous habits that are hard to control given the situation. As a result, you look insecure, nervous, clumsy… in one word – bad.

Sometimes an anxiety attack can be so bad that it becomes the reason of you failing an exam or makes you totally unable to speak or act.

So, how to deal with it?

Here are several pieces of advice that I found most effective for me.

  • Purposefully take a confident posture: straighten your back and slightly move back your shoulders, put your weight on both feet, and smile. Make sure that your chin is not down not too high up. If you feel that your mouth is dry because of anxiety, gently rub your tongue against the back of your lower teeth. It will stimulate the saliva secretion.
  • Take 5 very slow and very deep breaths. Make sure you inhale and exhale very slowly, as slowly as possible, and make sure you feel your lungs completely with every breath.
  • Close one nostril with a finger and place your free index finger alongside your nose next to the nostril that is breathing (the tip of your finger must be right under your eye brow). Now, take a deep breath with this one nostril and imagine that the air goes up through your nose and through your head, somewhere far above you.
    When your lungs are completely full, hold your breath for 5 seconds. Then exhale rapidly and energetically through the other nostril only.
    Repeat the procedure 3 times with each nostril. if you do it correctly, most of your anxiety will be gone at the end.
  • I have noticed that movement can free of anxiety quite efficiently. Sports or dancing, especially cardio exercises or activities like jumping or running are great if you want to ease that unpleasant feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Of course this list is not exhaustive. However, these are the methods that I have tried and that work for me.

Now, would you like to share what works for you?

Thank you for your thoughts 😉



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