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How to harmonize your bedroom

Your bedroom is a vitally important area of your house or apartment. Just think about it – in average we spend there one third of the day if we only count the time we sleep.Harmonize your bedroom

In addition, when we sleep we are most vulnerable: we have no means to defend ourselves from all the negative interference and / or energies that can circulate there.

The importance of sleep for our health and functioning is widely known. Scientists have proven that if a person cannot get a good night’s rest, they would feel tired, unfocused, demotivated, ill-tempered. Regular poor sleep can affect your overall health and provoke depression, headaches, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. It also shortens your life expectancy.

Poor sleep and lack of sleep are not always caused by the environment in your bedroom. However, practice shows that very often you can improve the quality of your sleep by making sure that your bedroom is really adapted for good rest.

Your bedroom should be warm, welcoming and cozy. It should be the place where you feel safe and comfortable.

Ideally, your bedroom must be solely dedicated to sleep – try not to make it, for example, a bedroom and an office at the same time. If you sleep and work in the very same room, you will take to bed everything you have been thinking about when you were working, all the problems that you haven’t solved, your to-do list and so on. The weight of these problems will not let you fall asleep quickly and may even cause nightmares. On top of that, when you wake up and the first thing you see is your table with your computer and all the papers and documents, your mood will instantly drop down.

It is crucial to be able start the day in a good mood. The first thoughts and your mood when you wake up will determine the course of your day: if you start negative, the environment will respond accordingly and you will experience more of negative things during the day. But if you start your day with a positive mood and attitude, you will focus on positive things, you will be more motivated and people around you will mirror your smile.

So, back to you bedroom. Keep it clean and free of clutter and of piled objects. Piles of objects make us feel uncomfortable on the subconscious level. They provoke anxiety and irritation. For this reason, it is better to see none of it first thing when you wake up.

If you have no other choice but to have an office and a bedroom in one room, try to separate them from one another, keep the computer as far from the bed as you can. Before going to sleep, unplug your computer and aerate the room.

Natural materials are the best choice for your bedroom. As for the bed, wood is the most advisable. Also, avoid synthetic sheets: they generate static electricity. It is fine when we are awake, but when we are asleep this static electricity interferes with out thoughts and with the natural flow of energy in our body.

What is the best position for the bed?

The energy in our houses comes and goes through doors and windows. If you position your bed the feet facing the door, your vital energy will be leaving you while you sleep. If you cannot position your bed differently, place a chest of drawers or some other furniture between your bed and the door, so that it would form an obstacle to this energy flow.

It is good to position the bed perpendicularly to the door, Feng shui for better sleepbut not too close. If your bed is too close, your mind will be guarding the door instead of resting.

Plants and flowers should be avoided in the bedroom. Plants breathe at night, consuming your oxygen. It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to breathe, but it certainly impacts the quality of your rest. In addition, the smell of the flowers next to your bed can cause headaches and dizziness as well as bad dreams.

Also, try to avoid placing objects above and beside the head area of your bed. I mean pictures, shelves, storage furniture. First of all it is for safety considerations. Second, these objects energetically imprison your head, and as a result it may cause headaches, self-expression problems or even throat diseases.

Make your bedroom your sanctuary. Don’t let anyone but you, your partner and kids come into your room, because everyone brings their own energy and traces of it remain in the room even after the person is gone. The less “foreign” energy enters your bedroom, the more safe and comfortable you will feel there.



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