Kate Kei

Inspiration and Motivation-2

Here is another juicy takeaway from the IAMOR Challenge:

Average thinkers vs abundant thinkers

So true! It’s so much harder and so much more challenging to expand the comfort zone, to move this limit line!

Humans don’t like the change. And that’s natural: from the point of view of survival, of our instincts, any change is dangerous and uncomfortable because it represents the unknown. And we don’t know how to behave in the unknown! And that’s scary. So, instinctively, we are much better in a familiar routine, even if sometimes it is boring.

Everyone can remember stepping out of their comfort zone. It is stressing and scary. Sometimes it can end up being an embarrassing experience, while some other times it can bring us unexpected and often incredible success.

Which brings us to the next cool point perfectly phrased by Lisa:

Winner wisdom

That’s perfectly logical, yet we often tend to overlook it for the reason that I mentioned above: we are afraid of change.

However, you can not expect your life to change if you keep doing exactly the same routine day after day. If you are leaving in your quiet valley doing the same bus-work-shop-home circuit and you never venture to the mountains, you will never be able to enjoy the breathtaking view from the very top!

Dare, step out of your comfort zone, do something that you have never done before, and get to the places where you have never been before! 😉


Feel free to share it – as Lisa says, it can become someone’s breakthrough! 🙂



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