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I have just participated in a wonderful, life changing challenge called ‘I Am My Own Rescue’ or IAMOR.
Lisa Nichols, The Motivator, organized it on Periscope as a prequel to her upcoming book called Abundance Now.

In the upcoming series of posts I want to talk about some of my precious takeaways from this Challenge. I just feel that I need to do it.

So, let’s start…

Inspiration by KateKei

This one was huge for me.

Just think how many precious and unique moments we miss because we just haven’t thought of their real value. We are so used to take the time for granted. We tend to live as if we had years and years to be able to go after our dreams, to be able to enjoy the world around us, and most importantly, to enjoy the moments spent with the people who we love.

Only when we lose someone dear, we start suddenly think of all the things we have never told them and done with them, of all the things we have never asked them. That’s when regret and self-pity wash over us.

So, that’s a really big one. Do it now, whatever it is. And if you are used to act otherwise, just write it in big letters and post it on your wall so that it always reminds you: “Never miss another NOW!”


Feel free to share it – as Lisa says, it can become someone’s breakthrough! 🙂

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