Kate Kei

Is Loneliness Your Friend or Enemy?

value of loneliness

When you are alone, it’s a perfect moment to listen to your own self, to deal with emotions by letting them out and listening to them.

When you are alone you can quietly check that you are in alignment with your own values, have a critical look at your priorities, see whether it’s time to modify their order, or just make sure you align your actions with it.

It is also a perfect moment to connect with your heart’s desires and aspirations, as well as to get your vision perfectly clear.

Some people are afraid of loneliness. Sometimes the reason for it is that they don’t want to have to face their fears and emotions, that they are afraid to face their own self. Because when they are alone, there is no one and nothing to distract them from it.

However, often things that we are trying to avoid tend to creep into our life again and again. And the same is true for loneliness.

So, don’t run from it. Instead, embrace it, own it, face it! This is how you will turn this loneliness from your enemy into your ally!

Remember, everything that happens in your life happens for a reason. There is a reason for loneliness too. So, instead of trying to ignore it or chase it away, face it. Think of why it is here. Think of why this time is given to you. May be you are at a point of life when you need to change something. May be you’ve lost your connection to your inner self and things got out of your control. So, use this time of loneliness to give some extra love to yourself, to see what part of you has been neglected and needs your attention right now. And if you do this, your loneliness may disappear by itself. You might not even notice as it will be gone, and the relationships that will come after will be so much more enjoyable and fulfilling.

So, allow yourself to soar like an eagle 😉




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