Kate Kei

My favorite quote for the upcoming 2016

Real Abundance

This one is really huge for me.

I have always been taught that you cannot have it all and that you always must sacrifice something, at least a small something. When I was a kid, the most watched and loved soap opera was called something like “Rich people cry too”. And it was (and still is!) a bone-deep common belief that if you have a lot of money and your career is awesome, then your family life must suck, etc.

But then, if we start to think logically, why does it be ‘Either…or…’? Aren’t we smart enough for being able to enjoy it all together? Aren’t we good enough? Because if we must sacrifice and pick up just one facet of happiness, that’s soooo self-disempowering, so self-limiting!

And the truth is that you can hardly be really happy in only one aspect of life. Because all of them are intertwined together so much. If a person is very rich but has no friends or loved ones, or a poor health, that’s not happiness, that’s not an abundant life! And the same goes for every aspect – if someone has love but struggles without money, the financial problems sooner or later will impact this relationship whether through jealousy, or through angry outbursts etc.

Which is why, my wish to everyone today is to get it all, to get the ‘… AND…’! To dare and aim for it and to stop settling for less!

May your life be ABUNDANT!

Happy New Year!



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