Kate Kei

Sometimes it’s better to be alone – More thoughts on loneliness

There is a big category of people in the world who form what is called a crowd. They are “normal” people, average people. Average is their way of thinking and average is their way of life.

These people resist the change and try to always stick to their routine, avoiding as much as possible anything unusual or anything that their fellows usually don’t do. They rarely achieve something in their life and even if they do, it happens by pure chance and they will feel uncomfortable about it to such extent that most often they will lose what they have achieved or get rid of it somehow.

These average people are persuaded that money is evil and that being rich is bad. They will do everything in their power to prevent you from growing and moving forward. Simply because your success and growth make them feel bad.

These crowd people enjoy their grey routine, their average existence even if they always say otherwise – if they really hated it so much they would have changed something already. And obviously, they want you to be just like them.

Now, what happens if you decide to take action and step up, out of this crowd? Yep, chances are you will suddenly find yourself alone! The crowd people won’t support or encourage you. Instead, they will criticize you and may be even they will try to manipulate you into “calming down” and “seeing sense”, into abandoning that crazy idea of yours.It takes courage to stand alone

Have you ever wondered why only few people achieve great success? One of the reasons (and unfortunately not the least important one) is that it’s hard to carry on in such conditions. It’s hard to remain alone fighting for your dreams, when what you need most is support. It’s hard to break the ranks, to change the habit of routine and to keep going despite the resistance of closest friends and/or relatives.

Almost everyone has to face this resistance.

The good news, however, is that if you keep stubbornly pursuing your dream anyway, you will eventually become a leader and people will start to gravitate toward you. And eventually you will find and form your audience.

So, if you want achieve something important, find that courage to be alone, to stand alone and to walk alone for some time. After all, aren’t your dreams worth it?



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