Kate Kei

How to harmonize your bedroom

Feng shui for better sleep

Your bedroom is a vitally important area of your house or apartment. Just think about it – in average we spend there one third of the day if we only count the time we sleep.

In addition, when we sleep we are most vulnerable: we have no means to defend ourselves from all the negative […]

The Psychological Effects of Colors

psychological meaning of colors

Colors affect us all the time and everywhere. They are part of non-verbal communication and thus can influence the outcome of a meeting or an interview.

In addition, they make us feel a certain way, which is why the presence or absence of any given color in your environment can be responsible for some emotions […]

Harmony is…

Harmonizing Life

Harmony is the blending of simultaneous sounds of different pitch or quality that sound good together.

Harmony is agreement. It is a state when all the components are present and not conflicting with each other. Harmony is a perfect link between different and sometimes even opposite elements.

It gives a sense of rightness and comfort.