Kate Kei

The Power of Inspiration

One day I was invited to a 90th birthday party of a lady. I was meeting this lady for the first time that day.

The lady was greeting all her guests at the door.

She didn’t look like a 90-year-old; if I didn’t know her age, I would have given her 75-76. Only a certain slowness and stiffness of her movements were betraying her real age from time to time.

As the party went on, I learned that this lady was a professional opera singer and vocal teacher, that singing was her passion and that she had only retired from teaching two years ago. A lot of her former students came to wish her a happy birthday.

And then suddenly one of the guests asked this lady who was celebrating her 90th birthday to sing something.

To my amazement, she simply put down her glass, stood up and walked to the piano that was standing in the corner of the room.

A friend of hers, another old lady, joined her there to play for her as she used to do when they both were young.

The lady pianist’s hands touched the keys in a confident and precise gesture, and when the first sounds filled the room, something magical happened.

The lady singer straightened her back and smiled at her audience. Then she started singing.

Mesmerized, we watched the old lady turn into a vibrant and charismatic young woman.

Her voice was strong, beautiful and young. She was singing with a remarkable ease, perfectly hitting every note, and the emotions that her voice was conveying touched every heart, bringing tears to our eyes.

Her eyes were sparkling, her smile was charming and contagious. No more slowness or stiffness – her movements were free, smooth and graceful.

She was a singer, an actress, an artist. She was part of that music, of that song and of that story that she was telling us. And nothing could hold her back in her inspiration, nothing could hold her back in her brilliance, not even the time. Stunningly beautiful, vibrant and young, she made everyone hold their breath, drinking in the beauty of the sound of her voice. She captivated us with her song, making us long for more. She filled our hearts with joy and happiness, talking to them and lighting them from her own spark.

That evening the birthday lady generously awarded her guests the most precious gift – the gift of inspiration. We were all leaving transformed. Everyone knew that with this gift, with this lesson, life was never going to be the same again. We have touched something vibrant and pure, something that even time had no power upon.

Inspiration makes your eyes sparkle!

Inspiration is a great force. Inspiration is life. It makes your eyes sparkle and your heart beat faster. It makes you stay young and create the most wonderful things.

So look for inspiration, stay inspired and inspire others. For if a spark of your inspiration lights up somebody else, you will create a magical fire of joy and happiness.


P.S. Here is one of the multiple resources for inspiration: http://www.zazzle.fr/4inspiration


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